The city's Zoning Administrator (ZA) has started holding hearings to grant Local Coastal Development Permits (LCDP), a key part of the parklet process. Belmont Brewing Company (BBC) and Legends had their hearings on May 8 and Open Sesame on August 14. ALL were approved by the ZA. More will come.

We have moved on to the appeals to the Planning Commission (PC) for these particular parklets. These appeals cost $432 each. If you are able to assist in these costs as we move forward, please contact us HERE.

We presented to the PC against BBC and Legends, but our appeals were denied. Next step for BBC is an appeal to the Coastal Commission and for Legends, it will be an appeal to City Council.

The next appeal to the PC will be against Open Sesame's parklet. We will advise you when we need testimony.

In the meantime, please write letters per the details below, explaining why you are against each of the parklets. High numbers of letters and testimony are the only way we are going to succeed. We must all write asap to let them know how we feel and how many of us there are.


It is vital that residents make their opposition clear. So, ACT NOW:

For specific details and talking points on each applicant, CLICK HERE.

Other issues can be found HERE.