Please Send Emails NOW!


Please write emails per the details below explaining why you are against each of the parklets or copy and paste the email text we provide below. High numbers of letters and testimony are the only way we are going to succeed. We must all write asap to let them know how we feel and how many of us there are.


It is vital that residents make their opposition clear. So, ACT NOW.

Your input should focus on issues specific to the particular applicant. CLICK HERE to find that information. Other general issues can be found HERE. Or copy and paste the content we furnished below. We have created email text that you can copy and paste for each of the emails. Please find them at the bottom of this page.

Click on these links to start your emails:

Send your email asap because the city, commissions, and boards are anticipating the hearings and need to hear how you feel NOW.

Copy and paste the text below for ease:

(Content will be available 10/6/23)

(Content will be available 10/6/23)


The appeals to the Planning Commission (PC) cost $432 each. If you are able to assist in these costs as we move forward, please contact us HERE.